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Roofing in Ontario is unregulated - best practice isn’t common practice. Broken promises and substandard workmanship are commonplace.

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Our main focus is the education and empowerment of our clientele. The roofing industry misleads. We’ll give you a peak behind the curtain.

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Roofing services in Oakville

1 2 3 Roofing is Oakville’s premier roofing company, boasting decades of roofing systems experience. Our roofers have the ability to handle any residential shingle or flat roof replacement, regardless of the scope, scale or location.

Our service area allows us to offer precise and comprehensive roofing services to all Oakville neighbourhoods including Bronte Creek, West Oak Trail, Westmount, River Oaks, Falgarwood, Joshua Creek, College Park, Glen Abbey, Wedgewood Creek, Clearview, Morrison, Ford, Lakeshore Woods, Coronation Woods, and more.

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Reliable Roofers in Oakville

As your go-to, full-service roofing company in Oakville, 123 Roofing finds great satisfaction in having qualifications that go far beyond what is required for roofing contractors.

We provide accurate and thorough roofing services to all Oakville neighbourhoods, including Bronte Creek, West Oak Trail, Westmount, River Oaks, Falgarwood, Joshua Creek, College Park, Glen Abbey, Wedgewood Creek, Clearview, Morrison, Ford, Lakeshore Woods, Coronation Woods, and more.

Quality Roofing Done Right

We serve in the residential and commercial sectors and are leaders in replacing flat and shingle roofs, insulation, and eavestroughs. We also offer premium roofing services, such as insulation replacement and repair, in-attic ventilation, flashing repair, replacement of skylights, shingle repair, and others.

The 123 Roofing personnel have undergone thorough training and education to learn how to accurately install all roofing systems and accessories in compliance with the exact specifications set out by the manufacturer. Each team member has also acquired site management methods, policies, and procedures accreditation. As such, we can complete your roofing job with the highest level of expertise and safety. 

Oakville Roofing Services

We promise to deliver outstanding service for our clients and a first-rate roof installation process. At every stage of the project, we vow to keep you informed at every step through honest, open, and transparent communication. Our roofing solutions comprise of:

Residental Services

  • Shingle/sloped roof replacement. Asphalt, metal, wood, clay, and slate can be used to make shingles in various sizes and forms.
  • Flat roof replacement.
  • Attic insulation.
  • Attic ventilation.
  • Eavestrough, soffit, and fascia replacement.
  • Roof repair services for
    • Missing or damaged shingles repair
    • Animal damage repair
    • Eavestrough, soffit and fascia repair
    • Skylight repair
    • Winter roof repair
    • Flat membrane repair
    • Ventilation assessment and correction
    • Roof flashing repair
    • General roofing system assessments
    • Temporary or emergency repairs
  • Skylight replacement.
  • Emergency services for:
    • Missing Shingles
    • Roof Leaks
    • Missing Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia
    • Missing or Damaged vents
    • Structural Damage
    • Ice Damming
    • Snow Loads

Commercial Services

Servicing all of Southern Ontario, 123 Roofing is a renowned supplier of industrial and commercial roofing services. Our primary goals include integrating cutting-edge flat roof replacement technologies, emergency and ongoing repairs, and providing excellent client service. Our expertise in flat roof replacement and repair is matched by our knowledge of building sciences and water management systems.

We are committed to serving the roofing industry with the highest craftsmanship and unrivalled customer service. By balancing these two aspects of our business and upholding value pricing, 123 Roofing has continued to set itself apart from the competition.

Our Warranty and Financing Guarantee

For all shingle roof replacement projects, we offer a 15-year craftsmanship warranty—beyond the industry standard. This, however, is only our personal commitment to our customers! Additionally, we can provide manufacturer warranties of up to 50 years thanks to our certification as a CertainTeed Shingle Master.

Furthermore, we can offer our customers one of the best warranties on the market thanks to IKO’s 20-Year Iron Clad Protection Guarantee, which covers the complete roofing system. This is because IKO has designated 123 Roofing as a Preferred Roofer! These warranties might cover labour costs in addition to disposal, replacement, and workmanship costs.

123 Roofing is a proud distributor and a member of the SNAP financial group, offering our clients 100% financing options. When selecting the next significant investment for your house, we recognize that financial considerations take precedence. 123 Roofing wants our clients to receive our industry-leading roofing solutions without worrying about their budgets. 

We are thrilled to offer our clients 100% financing options, 0% interest on selected programs, and low, affordable monthly payments!

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Call us for your free, no-obligation estimate. 123 Roofing is the preferred choice for roofing services in Oakville, Ontario, from residential shingle or flat roofing replacements to eavestrough and insulation work. 

We believe it is time to change the industry standard, and we are ready for the challenge! After all, replacing your roof should be easy as 1, 2, 3.

123 Roofing FAQs: 

How long should a roof last after it’s installed?

Every type of roofing material has an average lifespan, but it also depends on other factors, such as whether your roof receives routine inspections and maintenance. The average longevity of certain common roofing materials is as follows:

  • Asphalt shingles: every 15-30 years
  • Rubber roofs: every 20-30 years
  • Metal roofs: every 50-75 years
  • Tile and concrete roofs: 100+

The longevity of a roof can also be impacted by environmental conditions and adequate ventilation, requiring a roof replacement sooner rather than later. For instance, the colder climate in Ontario can contribute to a longer roof lifespan.

How many times do you need to do maintenance on your roof in a year?

The best method to keep your roof in good condition and prevent expensive repairs is by doing preventative maintenance throughout the year. There are several things you can do to help prepare and maintain your roof for every season. By doing so, you’ll not only help prolong the life of your roof but also help save you money, keep your home dry and safe, and save you time and energy when it comes time to do a more thorough roof cleaning or repair. 

Also, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to call an expert like 123 Roofing if you feel uneasy performing a roof inspection or minor roof repair. When it comes to such a vital component of your home, it’s always best to use caution. Plus, an expert can help identify less obvious issues that you may overlook.

How much does a new roof installation cost in general in Oakville?

In Oakville, Ontario, the price of a new roof could reach upwards of $15,000, but the final price will be greatly influenced by the type of roofing material you choose and your current roof’s size and condition. For instance, if any damage were discovered underneath the old roofing materials, the price of your roof replacement roof would increase as your roofing contractors would need to repair the damage first, with the cost for the repairs being added to your final invoice.

What makes a roof more expensive?

The price of installing your new roof can vary depending on a number of things. We’ve listed the top six below.

  1. Your choice of roofing material. Your final cost will be significantly influenced by the type of roofing you prefer. Compared to choosing the more common and cost-effective asphalt shingles, costly materials like metal or slate will certainly increase the price of your new roof. However, they last longer and offer a unique design.
  2. Materials for the roofing system. In addition to shingles, your roof also includes underlayment, ice and water shields, flashing, drip edges, ventilation systems, ridge capping, and other components. While quality roofing system materials will cost more upfront, they will end up saving you more later.
  3. The size of your roof. The square footage of your current roof will affect the final cost of a new roof. The amount of supplies, labour, and time necessary to install it will depend on the size of your roof.
  4. The accessibility of your roof. Your roofers will need a practical access point so they can take off the old roof, load the old roofing materials onto a dump truck, and bring the new materials up to the roof to be installed. If your roof is more difficult to access due to things like trees, landscaping, or fencing, it can affect the amount of time and efficiency of a job. 
  5. The time and labour required to install your new roof. A roofing contractor will consider labour and time as the two main factors when estimating the price of a new roof. The more time and labour it will take to replace your roof, the more it will cost.
  6. Any unanticipated damage to or deterioration of the roof. Before they start removing your old roof, it can be tough to assess the condition of the underlying structure of your roof. Any known repairs will be covered in the preliminary estimate; however, if any damage or deterioration is found when ripping off the old roofing materials, the repair costs will be added to the final bill.

How long does roof maintenance take?

When doing regular roof maintenance for your home, as recommended in our roof maintenance seasonal guide, you can easily accomplish each seasonal task over the course of a weekend.

For basic roof repairs, they can typically be completed within a day or two. Repairing minor issues like cracked shingles, broken chimney flashing, or damaged gutters typically takes less time. 

As for fixing bigger problems like roof leaks, sagging roofs, or proper roof ventilation, it typically takes more time and work. You can expect larger maintenance projects like these to span over multiple days. 

Can a leak be repaired immediately?

Absolutely. In fact, it is advisable to replace the entire roof right away because the more time you wait, the worse the damage will get. Any roof leak, no matter how small, is considered an emergency because it can worsen rapidly. By waiting, you’ll likely spend significantly more money on more than just the roof repair. Any subsequent water damage may be disastrous for your property as well as your finances.

What is flashing?

A roofing system’s edges and protrusions need to be waterproofed. This is where flashing comes in. It’s essentially a flat, thin metal strip that keeps water out of any roof gaps and openings by directing it away from any joints or seams. Without flashing or if flashing is installed incorrectly, your roof is guaranteed to leak. There are numerous forms of flashing, including gutter apron, counter, headwall, and chimney flashing.

Certified Roofer Provides Roofing Services in Aurora

Full-service Roofing Company

Our roofing contractors are highly trained, fully insured and certified beyond industry standards. 1 2 3 Roofing is also insured with all the necessary Public Liability and WSIB insurance and ticketed with Working at Heights certifications.

We offer a wide range of services from flat and shingle roof replacements to attic insulation and ventilation, skylight installation, eavestroughs work as well.

Call 1 2 3 Roofing today to find out how we can assist you with your roofing system needs!

Oakville Roofing Services

123 Roofing provides complete roofing services in Oakville including roof replacement, roofing repairs, and flat roof repair and replacement. If you are looking for a quality roofer please check out our reviews and call us for a free, no obligation estimate for your roof replacement or roofing repair.

100% Financing Available

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Roofers are homeowners too! We understand that budgetary concerns are paramount when making investment decisions for your home. However, our budgets should not dictate the quality and standard of work we implement at our properties. Enter, SNAP Home Finance!

1 2 3 Roofing’s partnership with SNAP Home Finance has allowed us to provide the highest levels of roofing and client care services at affordable monthly payments, with deferrals and more. SNAP is fast, fair and friendly and has helped 1 2 3 Roofing, help you.

Our projects in Aurora

With decades of experience, the professional roofers and consulting staff at 1 2 3 Roofing provides industry leading shingle and flat roof replacement services to the city of Aurora and surrounding areas within York Region. We continue to be committed to providing the best client experience and the highest levels of quality workmanship in the roofing industry. Our efforts to separate ourselves from other roofers in the fields of shingle and flat roofing replacement, soffit, fascia and eavestrough work and attic insulation and ventilation are reflected in our reputation.

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