How Long Does a Roof Replacement Take?

When it comes time to replace your roof, it can seem overwhelming as you try to find the right roofing company to take on the job and find a way to minimize the disruption it has on your daily life at home.

A roof replacement is a large investment, and once your roof begins showing signs that it’s time for it to be replaced, you shouldn’t put it off.

At 123 Roofing, we work through your roof replacement alongside you, finding the best way to match your replacement time to your existing schedule. Through open communication and precise planning, we ensure you know exactly what to expect and keep your roof replacement on schedule.

In this article, we’ll share what you can expect to experience before your roof is replaced and how long a roof replacement typically takes our team to complete.

What Happens Before Your Roof Replacement

Before your roof replacement is even scheduled, some important steps are needed.

First, we’ll schedule a consultation where we’ll inspect your roof and determine a quote based on your home’s size, location, roofing material, and the extent of work needed.

This will help give both you and our team a better understanding of the scope of the project and agree on how we can meet your needs during this replacement.

Then, we’ll begin planning out the replacement, ensuring we have a thoroughly thought-out plan for replacing your roof so we can stay on track to meet the expected timeline.

Once we get started, we will send you updates on the progress so you can follow along and stay current on your home’s progress.

Can You Be in Your House While Your Roof is Being Replaced?

This is often one of the first things people think of when they first begin the process of getting the roof of their home replaced. And the good news is, yes, you can absolutely stay in your home while our team replaces your roof.

Roof replacements can be loud and may cause some disturbance, but our team will work alongside you to ensure it goes smoothly and causes as little disruption as possible.

Your safety and experience are our top priority, and our team will take special care to ensure the work area remains safe throughout the process. Our teams follow all site management processes, policies and procedures, ensuring the installation is done to the highest standard and in the safest manner possible.

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Roof?

How long a roof replacement takes is based on a variety of factors, such as the:

  • Size of your home
  • Style of roofing
  • Complexity of the job
  • Weather

For example, if you live in a larger home and your roof has steep peaks and plenty of angles, your roof replacement might take longer than someone in a smaller home that has more gentle slopes.

When it comes to the weather, we’ll work with you to try to schedule your replacement when the expected weather is in the clear, but flash storms aren’t uncommon and can’t often be planned for. Should it be raining, our team can’t work on your home due to the added safety hazards it causes and to protect the underlay of your roof from being exposed to unnecessary moisture.

Typically, roof replacements can take anywhere from two or three days to a couple of weeks.

When your initial consultation is done, we’ll discuss the aspects of your home that are influencing the timeline so you can have the best understanding of your roof replacement and feel confident in the service you’re getting.

What Happens After Your Roof is Replaced?

After completing your new roof, our team takes various steps to ensure you’re confident with the outcome and are happy with your investment.

Our team will ensure your property is clean after your roof is finished and it is completely safe for you and your family.

After we’re finished our work, we’ll create a detailed report of your replacement and go through everything with you, and answer any questions you may have.

You may be wondering how to best care for your new roof or what inspections you should be doing regularly, and our team is happy to help walk you through those steps so you can confidently maintain your roof for years to come.

Then we do something that many in our industry don’t.

We extend our relationship far past the replacement process of your roof. We stand by you and our work for the next 15 years, and you can be confident in the lifespan of your roof with an extended shingle warranty from CertainTeed.

Professional Roofing Replacement Services in Toronto

If your roof needs to be replaced and you’re searching for a reputable roofing company that will ensure your needs are met, 123 Roofing is your go-to solution.

Our service area stretches throughout Aurora, and the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area, and our team is ready to help you with any roofing needs. Contact us, or request a quote to get started today!

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